Anne Marie has just finished a huge arena tour, supporting Ed Sheeran. The sell out 14 night tour was a huge success and Anne showed class by picking up wide praise from a multitude of mainstream press.

Now we have more exciting news as Anne Marie’s next release is a duet with her pal Ed Sheeran which is set to be released later this year.

“It’s obviously just a good song because he is involved in it.”When I went to do this song with him, that’s when I just truly saw the genius.”Earlier this year, the ‘Alarm’ star revealed she’d been in the studio with Ed.

She said: “Well we’ve been friends for so long and ever since the start really I was like ‘look we need to get a writing session in,’ and he was like ‘yeah, yeah, yeah.’ We’ve both been really busy and then I think it was like maybe a couple of months ago he was like ‘look, I’ve got this song, we need to work on it’ and soooo … we worked on it!”


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