So what exactly is artist development?

Artist development is the taking of raw, unaltered and sometimes unknown talent and moulding it into what you see on TV and hear on radio.

The process can take years as almost nobody becomes an overnight success. Artists like Sam Smith, Jessie J, Lady Gaga and Nicki Minaj have been in development for years and years to get where they have reached.

So why is artist development so important?

Thirty years back, artist development was a process a record label would invest huge amounts of cash in. Lots of money and time was available for new talent and record companies could afford to take a punt on developing talent. In the present day, money is tighter and expectations of artists for immediate returns are higher so record labels are seeking ‘readymade’ talent. They are all after the finished product so to speak and so this is why artist development is so important.

Powerstudio and The London Artist Development (L.A.D.) Programme

London Artist Development (L.A.D.), based at London recording studio ‘Powerstudio’ is committed to supporting talented UK artists through artistic and product development to maximise their potential for commercial success.

L.A.D. is the brainchild of CEO and Head Producer at Powerstudio – Benny D.

We offer a balanced approach to developing great songs, artistic skills and product marketing. Our services include vocal & performance coaching, music & video production, and online marketing media.

A short bullet point list of what you can expect from the London Artist Development programme is detailed below:

– Defining your skill
– Develop live performance
– Developing your studio sound
– Recording and songwriting
– Image/Style consultancy
– Interview techniques
– Mentoring and direction
– Promo photo, Biography, EPK
– Online and Media development
– Continual professional development

Such names as The Puppini Sisters, Jaz Ellington, Frankie Cocozza, Alice Fredenham, Andrea Magee, Kye Sones, Max Milner and Simon J Bailey have successfully taken part or continue to develop with Powerstudio. It’s no coincidence some of these artists have been signed to major labels and have taken part in some of the biggest shows on TV, radio and the stage.

Powerstudio continues to work with Music Crowns and have their own A&R team to headhunt talent from across the World.

To find out more visit the L.A.D. website via