Alisa was born in Moscow to Viktor Saltykov (a best selling artist of the 1980s) and Irina Saltykova (a best selling artist of the 1990s) so you could almost say it was destiny that she became a star with singing and performing in her genes.

That said nobody could have expected her to catch the performing bug at 5 years of age. Alisa began piano lessons at that tender age and at her 6th birthday party staged and impromptu concert for all of her friends!

Just three years later Alisa recorded a duet with her mother, Irina Saltykova, on an album track and progressed to record two solo tracks in Russian whilst still attending school.

Her passion for performing extends to dance and at age 6 began ballet lessons which later developed in to a 3 year tour with the internationally recognised TODES troupe.

Alisa proved to be a very aspirational and career-driven child as she left Russia aged 13 to pursue the best possible education. Her journey took her through Europe and resulted with her achieving a bachelor’s honour diploma in drama from the University of London in 2010.

Subsequently Alisa has continued to perform and has starred in plays and writes songs, shining in both aspects.

A perfectionist, Alisa continues to learn her craft and is currently recording with us at our top London recording studio. Media giants FOX TV have been filming the latest episode in her journey…

Twitter: @AlisaMusic