PMC Studio are sponsoring Benny D’s Powerstudio with top of the range equipment. The two brands go hand-in-hand with their impressive histories and here is a short bio of the PMC brand.

PMC was founded in 1990 by Mr Adrian Loader of FWO Bauch and Mr Peter Thomas of the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC).

An amalgam of knowledge, experience and passion for music resulted in the production of PMC’s first product – the BB5-A. The BB5-A is an active studio monitor and was immediately taken by BBC Maida Vale and remains to this day the World’s reference. Prince and Stevie Wonder’s Wonderland Studio are amongst the endorsers as well as classical labels such as Decca.

The company has been awarded an Emmy for their outstanding contribution to music and recording, one of just a handful of companies to be honoured with the prestigious award. Such blockbuster movies as Titanic, Die Another Day and Pirates of The Caribbean have used PMC in the productions.

Recording suites, mastering houses and broadcasting outfits the World over endorse the PMC brand.


“PMC’s design philosophy is quite a simple one, to design the ideal loudspeaker solution with the highest resolution possible without colouration and distortion. This supreme level of resolution is derived through unequalled R&D into (ATL™) Advanced Transmission Line Loudspeaker design and drive unit technology.

We believe a good loudspeaker should be able to relay the purest intentions of the artist and give the listener the ultimate audio experience.”