OLI is one of the Artists currently working with producer Benny D on the prestigious London Artist Development programme at Powerstudio. She is an alt-pop artist based in Central London, favoured for her ethereal yet poppy electronic sound.

OLI has come a long way over the short period of time she has been working on the programme, from finding her ‘sound’ to building up her fanbase and live performances.

Highlights so far include:

  • A song remixed by Oxide Neutrino
  • Fashion branding deal with Gogi.
  • Airplay on regional and major radio stations, (inc West Side Unsigned radio 1)
  • Sync deal on a TV show from one single.
  • Selected to front a major charity event

OLI is currently working on new exciting music at Benny D’s state-of-the-art studio in Central London, before she heads out to perform at events all over the UK this Summer.

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Powerstudio’s London Artist Development programme, fronted by award-winning producer Benny D, is reported as the place ‘where raw talent transforms into chart topping artists’.